Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Damage to your artwork and collectibles by Bug and Rodents in Storage By Kelly Rose Almeida, Art Conservation Intern

They are everywhere, and love an environment where they can prosper. You may not be able to avoid them, but you can create an environment that helps keep them away. Many LOVE to eat your canvas and important the labels off of frames, they also love damp areas with lots of dust. Well, if you keep your storage room spick and span, these little guys will run away and find your neighbors house to settle in instead. Poisonous bait and other insecticides can be used, but don’t let them be in contact with the artwork. Remember that insect or rodent bait doesn’t last forever… you will need to replenish or replace the bait every so often. Also, make sure they are out of reach of kids and pets!!! Protect yourself  and be prepared in public storage units (even though they say they spray!)… you never know what your neighbor is storing that may be a neon welcome light to invaders.

Canvas is fabric, simple as that. Therefore, these lovely animals love to burrow into your untreated canvas for lunch and dinner, and always come back for dessert. Create an environment to prevent these critters from making your Renoir their home.

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