Sunday, June 22, 2014

Banksy Mural Removed in S.F What's next...?

Banksy's iconic mural of the rat with a beret was saved from obliteration due to the City's anti graffiti ordinance. Movie director Brian Greif had to promise to not sell it in order to be authorized to dismantle the outside redwood slats of the Victorian Height District home. But a firestorm of discussion ensued that pitted discussions of public art for the people and the greedy money grubbing art collectors that want to own it all. 

Its been of such interest that the article took up serious square footage on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle in this morning's Sunday paper with a full page spread on the inside.

For the article, go to this linked page at the website of the firm that is in charge of the restoration of the mural, Scott M. Haskins and Fine Art Conservation Laboratories