Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Careless handling and an 18 inch scratch. What did we do about it?

There's nothing that makes you feel dumber than carelessly handling something valuable, like a painting, and then damaging it. In this case, the result was a big ol' 18 inch scratch. The insult to injury is the cost to repair the damage... and maybe even some loss of value!

So, why does it cost $400 instead of $50? Well, we take some conservation quality adhesive/consolidant and we apply it with a tiny brush. We inspect the damage with a magnifier to see that its going where we are intending it to go. Then we make sure any flakes are well adhered so we don't loose any original paint. Then we "inpaint" or touch up the lost or damaged paint with a tiny brush to make sure we don't overstep the damaged area. We put paint only where the damage is. We DO NOT repaint a bush to camouflage a scratch. Then we apply, in the case of this painting, some varnish (non yellowing) along the repair to bring the shine to match the original paint.

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  1. I must say I have always wanted to renovate old paintings would be a dream job.Great blog by the way.

  2. Thanks Artstamers. Yes, its an interesting field that has always kept me enthralled since I began in 1975. It been a great excuse also to travel. A month ago I was in Yacatan MX and next month I am called away, and paid, to go to Hawaii. There are lots of interesting people to meet. However, those people may be different than the ones that come immediately to mind (interesting artist types). I really only get involved with the artwork after the artist is dead and gone. The most interesting people that I've had the pleasure of knowing and with whom I've associated are fellow conservators and restorers like those of the Sistine Chapel, researchers for the Last Supper, scientists with a passion for art and collectors. Yea, its a dream job.

    Thanks for following. Refer us around to others. My intention is to keep it very interesting.

    All my best.