Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cleaning lady's damage now repaired... for $3,600.00!

We're talking about the damage caused by the cleaning lady's damp rag reported at We thought you might like to see the final result of our conservation work.

Our careful cleaning of the grime (notice that the damp cleaning rag didn't remove this!) and the discolored varnish resulted in an almost magical glow of the colors. The glow from the fire in the boat has a very special effect.

We also lined the painting which means we added a reinforcement fabric to the back to strengthen the original canvas. That process also relaxed and re-adhered the cracking. Then we filled and inpainted the losses to match (with a little brush). Several layers of varnish, brush and spray applied, were the final process/treatment.

The result is truly wonderful, visually, and the deterioration was halted for decades to come.

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