Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fake Painting Abandoned By Owner

Here's an interesting story, just happened in our lab yesterday.

A dealer came in the lab to have me look over a painting that I had, once upon a time ago, felt was a fake painting... or at least it wasn't painted by the artist whose signature was showing. It was, in fact, an old painting, probably painted in the 1920's judging by the materials used for construction. Obviously, someone puts a signature on an unsigned painting because they want it to be worth more. But this signature was completely wrong for this painting. The sad thing was, the owner had $30k invested in this painting. Here's a picture of the painting...
So, the dealer brought in the painting, I guess to test me if I was consistent. Anyway, the signature was as blatantly fake as it was the first time I saw the painting... and in disgust, the dealer throws his arms up and says, "Well then, just keep it! I don't want it!" 
What? A free 48" x 36" painting from the 1920's? Great! But a word to the wise, if you are a collector, get some help from somebody with eyes and a microscope for these kids of details before you buy.

Collectors should consider other things to take care of their collections. Go to www.saveyourstuff.com and sign up for Free Preservation Tips.

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