Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cost to Correct Flaking Paint Problems Adds Insult To Injury RE: Bad Restorations

I actually really like this painting! This delightful scene in Veneto, Italy at the end of the 18th Century was brought to us because of flaking paint. The cleaning lady's damp, rag wiping down the lower areas (most easily reached), often causes this problem.

Cleaning lady's damp rag causes paint to crack and flake
Flaking in lower areas is due to wiping the surface with a damp rag.
But even experienced collectors make mistakes. This problem of flaking is not the only problem: the painting has already been through at least a couple of restorations that were poorly done including mounting this painting to masonite and repainting much of the sky and clouds. What was thought to be valued at $25,000 is now being dumped for $1,000.00 because of condition problems.

So what is a collector to do? Get an conservation expert's opinion before buying. 
How to do that is best reserved for another post.

Flaking paint... this could have been avoided
Flaking paint... this could have been avoided
So, now, what to do?! The conservation costs will be at least $1,000.00. In the end, an art lover for this piece will spend to stabilize the condition and to have it look wonderful again... and perhaps recuperate much of the lost $25,000 value?

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