Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Post War Abstract Expressionist Art

Carmel was beautiful and sunny yesterday. The owner of the Post War Abstract Expressionist paintings that we returned the completed projects to was over the top excited about our conservation/restoration work. We picked up two more (see photo... its by Ruth Wall c. 1947) to work on, one with an ugly tear... that will vanish.

We love working on Post War Abstract Expressionist paintings and have been for 20 years. We began working with David Carlson at that time.

And I picked up a painting that was SUPPOSED to be by a famous artist around 1900 but, oooppppps! Under the microscope below the dirt, dust and discolored varnish I was able to read someone else's original signature. The value went into the basement. Misattributions can be expensive mistakes.


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