Monday, January 16, 2012

1920's Edgar Payne Painting of Sierra Lake Scene Found - Never Before Seen

It mystifies me where the top art dealers continue to find these great paintings year after year. This is another great example of Edgar Payne's (1883 - 1947)  plein aire masterful works. I can't imagine the effort it took to load up the horse, pack it in to the back country... to go paint!!!!! But the trickier task was to then, pack it all out without ruining your brand new, wet, oil paintings! 
This is what the painting looked like still dirty with a side light (raking light) to show off the cracks better. To see what the painting looks like after conservation and to hear more about the art restoration processes, go to

Scott Haskins and FACL, Inc. have worked on over 250 Edgar Payne's paintings over the years with the overwhelming consensus being that the work is top quality. Click here to see some testimonials.

You can see the painting this week at the LA Art Show in George Stern's booth. He and his son, Steve Stern who is also an art dealer, were the one's that turned up this lost treasure.

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