Sunday, February 12, 2012

Analyzing ArtWork - Authentication of Paintings

This week at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, I have a client coming to see me (Scott M. Haskins) with a Van Dyke to be authenticated. As part of the authentication process, analysis will help establish that all the materials in the artwork are from the correct period of time. We'll be conducting a battery of "entry level" analysis - testing which will include inspection with ultraviolet (UV) light (see, Infrared (IR) examination, X- radiography (x-rays), pigment sampling and evaluation with a polarizing microscope and a stereobinocular microscope.

These tests will be done before we submit the painting to more sophisticated (expensive) analysis, if the painting passes these tests! And then, given the successful results from those tests... we'll then write up the reports and submit the findings to the appropriate scholar. It will be VERY interesting!
The polarizing microscope can be used for analyzing and identifying pigments

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