Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fake Art... I inspected 3 of them today before noon!

Treasure Detectives TV program is on CNBC tonight... this is the second episode in this new season pilot... should be fun to watch.  We deal with the problem of fake art all the time: Today in the lab, I had to "debunk" or pass a verdict of "FAKE!" on three paintings... all before noon! One was supposed to be by Matisse, one by Franz Bischoff and another by Maynard Dixon. My gosh they were horrible. The lady had bought them after she did research in the internet.

Sold on Ebay as a real painting, turns out that it was a print

Not only don't people know what they are buying but they don't know what they are selling. Ebay is awash with bogus art. Of course, I'm giving some of these people the benefit of the doubt and I'm saying they're just idiots and not fraudulent.

I could write volumes on fake paintings that have passed my way. Some of the stories are great. One of the techniques I use to examine the condition of art is ultraviolet light. Do you know how to use a black light when inspecting paintings? Here's a quick video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeR8_u5qSJM

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