Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mormon LDS Idaho Falls Temple Mural Conservation Work

Mormon Temple in Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls LDS Temple

In June 2012 the temple was shut down for 3 weeks of maintenance and I was asked to go in an take care of certain issues with the murals. All went well! Some of the problems were caused by cracks in the murals caused by the 1985 earthquake that we repaired poorly afterward:
1. Cracking and flaking along previous repairs in the Creation Room
2. Cleaning issues in the Garden and World Rooms will be addressed some other time.
3. No work in Terrestrial Room
4. Water stains and aging issues in the Celestial Room
5. Cleaned murals in Baptistry and organized the maintenance protective coating of the oxen of the font.
6. Repaired flaking of paint along border of mural in landing between rooms.
We loved working with everyone at the temple. They have a great group of people taking care of the building.
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