Thursday, July 19, 2012

Save Collectibles from Smoke Damage - Discover 5 Valuable Tips

I am a fine art conservator which is basically someone who specializes inpainting restoration. At present I am in Utah doing some work for the LDS Church on some very important murals, helping the International Pioneer Museum which belongs to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers with some follow up from the moth before and meeting private art collectors. I’m also consulted and considered an expert on saving collections and treasured memorabilia from disasters because of my book, How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster

Here are 5 proven tips for getting help with your smoke damaged artwork, collectibles, memorabilia, antiques and heirlooms with valuable info on dealing with insurance claims. Click on this link to go to Save Your Stuff Blog:–-discover-5-valuable-tips-save-collectibles/
This painting was thought to be destroyed but cleaning brought it back to original pre-fire condition. Talk to us before you throw artwork away!

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See a short video tour of our lab:

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