Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nice Paul Lauritz Seascape for Sale - Art Collector Asks Condition Questions

A California Coastal Scene 30 x 36 by Paul Lauritz, very nice, recently came up at auction and a potential art buyer consulted with me regarding the cracking patterns (see upper left of photo). These were his questions and my answers:
1.     Are the cracks going to get worse?
2.     Do the cracks impact the value? 
3.     Can the cracks be removed with proper painting conservation treatments (lining)? 
4.     How much will lining cost? 
5.     Is the correct term “lining” or “relining”? 
6.     Can the artwork look perfect (without cracks)? 
7.     Does the artwork need to be cleaned?
8.     How much will cleaning cost?
9.     Will the art conservation treatments impact the value? 

This collector/investor was thinking of flipping this painting (quick turn around resale after purchase). So, obviously, this inquiry was all about the numbers. Would you like me to crunch numbers with you?

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